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Flower Power Garden Hour

Nov 24, 2019

This is a review show of what worked and didn’t work in my vegetable garden this summer. I go over both the varieties of plant and techniques I used with a critical perspective.

  • Tomatoes. Florida weave versus cages. My pruning process in the future. Straw as weed block. Success of varieties including Sungold, Black Beauty, Berkley Tie Dye
  • Peppers. MANY successes, including ghost peppers, shishito, poblano, bell peppers, Rhenza Macedonia. Why the success?
  • Melons. Mixed bag on planting technique – too crowded. Review on varieties (hit and miss on success), and future plans
  • Also review: eggplants, beans, Solanum quitoense, zucca gourd, Sakurajima giant radish, corn and more

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