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Flower Power Garden Hour

Feb 16, 2022

A wide range of topics addressing questions submitted by listeners.  Including:

  • Best time to add fish emulsion to outdoor plants
  • Artichoke issues
  • Soil preparation for tomato planting
  • Using fall leaves and grass clippings as weed cover.  Should it be composted into the soil? 

To ask questions for future shows, submit...

Feb 13, 2022

Houseplants can be very rewarding to grow. But like any plant, they require a range of different growing situations -- including light and soil. Tylor Rogers, owner of Arium Botanicals, was nice enough to join me on this latest episode to share his vast knowledge of houseplants. We go over his favorite go-to soil...

Feb 6, 2022

This episode is the garden To Do list for the month of February – actually quite a busy month.

  • Fruit trees – spray liquid copper for peach leaf curl before they bloom. Also time to spray dormant oil if you have insects overwintering
  • Prune fruit trees, roses (except one time blooming), grapes, blackberries –...