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Flower Power Garden Hour

Oct 29, 2022

Watching birds go about their lives in your garden is one of the many benefits of gardening.  Besides the joy of watching them, they are also busy eating pests and helping to keep a balanced ecosystem.  I talk to bird expert Tammy Poppie about ways to create a healthy, safe and inviting environment for birds. 

Tammy and...

Oct 22, 2022

Fall is THE time to prep for a wonderful spring/summer garden.  I talk to Andrew Bunting -- Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s Vice President of Horticulture -- all about planting bulbs, soil prep, what to plant, what to watch out for and how to create habitats for beneficial insects, bees and birds. 

Andrew and...

Oct 12, 2022

As California and the west continue to suffer the effects of drought, it is more important than ever to be water-wise in the garden.  I talk to Greg Bundesen – Sacramento Water Conservation Supervisor – about what you can do as a homeowner and gardener to use less water but still maintain a green space.  We discuss...