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Flower Power Garden Hour

Sep 30, 2021

The backbone of any organic garden are hard working beneficial/parasitic insects. I talk with founder of ARBICO-Organics, Sheri Herrera de Frey, about which ones are a must for gardeners to incorporate. We discuss controls for whiteflies, Japanese and cucumber beetles, gnats, borers and so many more. Plus -- learn why...

Sep 27, 2021

Listener Q&A episode.  Topics include:

  • Propagating a String of Pearls
  • Basil infested with caterpillars
  • Mandarin bush – will it produce late in the season
  • Azalea – how to care for
  • Overwintering eggplants & peppers – when to prepare
  • Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow – best time of year & method to transplant


To ask...

Sep 15, 2021

Avocados, blueberries and Hydrangeas - 3 plants I get a lot of questions about. In some parts of the world they grow like weeds, but in many locations they can be tricky. I talk to Bruce Ritter -- co-founder of the Sacramento Botanical Garden -- about growing these, as well as how the plan to build a world class garden...

Sep 11, 2021

In this episode, I discuss September garden To-Do tasks.  There is a big variety with a lot on the list, including:

  • Clean up – remove certain vegetables. There are certain ones to leave (peppers, eggplants, etc) as cool temperatures can help them. 
  • Plant Fall/Winter vegetables, including brussel sprouts, cauliflower,...

Sep 4, 2021

What does it take to grow healthy CBD with organic regenerative practices? I talk to founder of Sunset Lake CBD, Sam Bellavance and farmer/grower Caitlin Silber to hear about how they produce the most beautiful plants in Vermont. We discuss how they feed the soil, prevent most pest and disease problems and what they use...