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Flower Power Garden Hour

Jul 10, 2019

Growing a cover crop is a great way to incorporate nitrogen into the soil, but what exactly does this mean? What are the best plants for it and what are the steps to getting the most out of the cover crop. I sit down with Dr. Matt Amicucci, owner of Calyxo Biosystems, and discuss nitrogen fixation. We then veer into his involvement in the research and discovery of a native Oaxacan corn that makes enough nitrogen that the local farmers have never fertilized their soil! We then go into more detail into Matt’s PhD work…. how not all carbs are created equal. Matt’s research took over 1,000 fruit and vegetables and broke down every carb and sugar to map out what exactly we eat and how it affects our health. A fascinating discussion about our preconceived notions regarding certain foods, gut biome and potential applications of the research.

Matt can be found at @farmforageferment on Instagram

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