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Flower Power Garden Hour

Feb 24, 2019

Kate Waldo owns Worm Fancy, a business focused on diverting food waste going into our landfills. She began by working with schools, and implementing local programs which yielded some astounding results – in some cases a 3x reduction in daily trash volume. The scale and applicability of raising composting worms varies widely – from single family home use, to schools & business, to large scale ag operations. Here Kate walks through steps to start and guidance about how to be successful with raising your own composting worms.

  • Types of containers to use (stackable tray systems; Rubbermaid containers)
  • How to set up containers -- bedding, feeding, moisture
  • Ideal type of worm for composting (Eisenia fetida, aka Red Wigglers)
  • Temperature range
  • How to sort worms for harvesting – YouTube video on Light Sorting worms

Pre-configured bins or stackable trays for raising worms can be purchased at Worm Fancy, as well as worms to start your population and bulk castings.

Worm Fancy can be found on Instagram @wormfancy

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