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Flower Power Garden Hour

Dec 24, 2023

It’s here – the last To Do list of the year.  So far it has been a mild winter, with regards to both temperature and moisture.  It is the time to plant another round of winter vegetables, work on pest management, and start planning for your spring garden.  We are at the apex of short days, so time to work is limited.  Episode includes Listener Q&A, with topics listed below. 

It is time to plant:

·       Asparagus

·       Bok choy

·       Kale

·       Onion sets

·       Radish


Chores include:

·       Cut back garden, clean up

·       Watch for cabbage aphids, loopers

·       Spray for peach leaf curl, dormant sprays

·       Order seeds for spring


Listener Q&A section.  Topics covered include:

·       Waterless amaryllis – can it be planted in a pot?

·       Banana plant – do they need to be brought inside for winter?  If not, should be wrapped for protection from cold weather?  At what age will they duplicate and produce fruit?

·       Can fallen leaves in the garden be used to cover garden beds containing flowers?

·       Butterfly bush – should the significant new growth be cut back in order to optimize growth in spring?

·       Pineapple plant – have had for 2.5 years….when should a pineapple be expected?

·       Bromeliads – how to care for them after the flower blooms and subsequently dies?


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