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Flower Power Garden Hour

Oct 4, 2023

It is the October To Do List, and that means it is a very busy time in the garden.  Clean up from summer vegetables and prepping for fall and winter. The days are cooler, but shorter – which means you have to work efficiently and hard. Episode includes Listener Q&A, with topics listed below. 


It is time to plant:

·       Fava beans

·       Beets

·       Bok choy

·       Carrots

·       Celery

·       Swiss chard

·       Collards

·       Garlic

·       Kale

·       Kohlrabi

·       Leeks

·       Lettuce

·       Onions

·       Peas

·       Radish

·       Spinach

·       Turnips

·       All perennials, bulbs


Chores include:

·       Clean up vegetable beds (prevent diseases), mess from fruit trees

·       Collect seeds

·       Divide plants such as grasses, iris

·       Compost


Listener Q&A section.  Topics covered include:

·       What to do about aphid infestation on large trees

·       Lemon tree – producing fruit, but leaves are very pale

·       Succulents – fertilizer?

·       Best time of year to prune cherry tree

·       Tomato plants – to compost or not?


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