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Flower Power Garden Hour

May 11, 2018

Gloria has been growing the same lineage of peppers since her family brought them over from southern Spain in 1920. Following her grandfather & father, Gloria has kept this strain alive and vibrant. Whereas most Spanish immigrant families stopped growing or lost track of the seed, Gloria has been able to keep the tradition alive. Each year she starts 1,000 of these sweet peppers in her small greenhouse & gives away most. Her list of people who want them grows each year. In her own garden, she plants hundreds of them & selects the perfect ones to dry & harvest the seed from, furnishing the seeds to grow from the following year – sustainable agriculture at its finest. This pepper represents the long history Spanish immigrants have with agriculture in the Winters area and in California Agriculture. To chronicle this history Gloria interviewed hundreds of immigrants & their families complying their unique stories into a book and documentary, An American Paella: Becoming American while Staying Spanish


You can find Gloria’s book and documentary at her website

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