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Flower Power Garden Hour

Oct 11, 2018

Brendan Wilce is a UCD graduate with a BA in Environmental Horticulture & Urban Forestry.  He is a nursery industry veteran, currently working at El Dorado Nursery in Shingle Springs, CA.  Brendan is a longtime friend and colleague, and has an amazing collection of succulents (Pachypodium, Stapeliads, Aloes, Agaves, dwarf Cactus), maples, oaks, woodland perennials, & rhododendron species.  He is an amazing resource of knowledge in the above and has a relentless interest in anything rare, unique, or simply odd.

Check out his collection & plant photos at theplanimal on Instagram.

To ask questions for future shows, submit them at Flower Power Garden Hour Facebook page, The Plant Lady Facebook page, or Instagram. You can also email Marlene questions, future show topic requests and feedback at