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Flower Power Garden Hour

Oct 19, 2019

Marlene answers a variety of listener submitted questions this week -- grab bag of questions. 

  • Fall planting – what can still be planted for Fall in the San Joaquin Valley
  • Rose bushes – yellow spots on leaves….what to do to prevent
  • Ficus – losing leaves on only a certain portion of the plant
  • Comfrey – can it be planted in raised beds for winter?
  • How to break through hard pan in order to plant
  • Superblue Lavendar – for indoor growing in the Northeast US, should a ceramic or plastic pot be used
  • Bromeliad – help with growing a very dry, no natural light office

To ask questions for future shows, submit them at Marlene The Plant Lady Facebook page, or Instagram. You can also email Marlene questions, future show topic requests and feedback at