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Flower Power Garden Hour

Sep 22, 2019

Marlene answers a variety of listener submitted questions this week. The focus is on flowers this week, with a smattering of vegetables thrown in.

  • Black tulip magnolia – not blooming, unhealthy looking
  • Mums – growing tall, but not flowering
  • Bougainvillea – growing out of control, how to train
  • Christmas cactus – half growing well, half not
  • Butterfly bushes – how to prep for winter
  • Japanese maples – browning as summer gets hot
  • “Rusty” leaves – what is causing, how to mitigate
  • Tomatoes – second harvest is green and hard
  • Avocados – tree not producing

To ask questions for future shows, submit them at Marlene The Plant Lady Facebook page, or Instagram. You can also email Marlene questions, future show topic requests and feedback at