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Flower Power Garden Hour

May 26, 2019

Marlene sits down with “Farmer Fred” Hoffman, renown long time Garden Show radio host, writer and lifetime Master Gardener. Having decades of both practical experience and countless hours with farmers/garden professionals, Fred is an incredible fountain of knowledge, tips, troubleshooting – and a amazing storyteller in the best sense.

Subjects discussed:

Farmer Fred history; Growing up in North Hollywood; From radio to gardening; From Captain Fred to Farmer Fred; Truckers come to the rescue to find Farmer Fred’s stolen car; Diazinon experience piques Fred’s interest in gardening; Organic heirloom popcorn farming; When to plant tomatoes; Tomato Blossom End Rot and how to treat (or not); Beneficial insects and how to attract; Farmer Fred’s favorite tomatoes to grow; Heirloom tomatoes and limited fruit set; Marlene’s favorite peppers (Padrone and Shishido); Raised bed construction and irrigation; Companion planting; Malabar spinach – trellis climbing, summer greens; Tomato cages and the Florida Weave; Concrete reinforcement wire in raised beds; Compost, woodchips, straw for pathways and weed control; Strawberries…why Marlene and Fred don’t grow; Growing blueberries in metal water troughs; Farmer Fred’s best Christmas gift ever; Marlene’s greenhouse construction project; Country living; Fred and Marlene’s cycling stories

Farmer Fred can found EVERYWHERE:, his website with TONS of articles, how-to guides, tips, and links

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