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Flower Power Garden Hour

Feb 14, 2019

A highly anticipated episode, featuring world renown tomato expert, Brad Gates. Based in Napa Valley, Brad owns Wild Boar Farms where he fastidiously spends years creating new varieties of exotic tomatoes, optimized to be “stunning looking tomato varieties with extreme flavor.” To bring a new variety to market, it takes Brad on average 6-7 years of breeding for the desired traits and selecting the strongest plants each season to begin the following generation. Using fully organic and sustainable farming techniques, Wild Boar is 100% not GMO. Landscape/construction by trade, plant geneticist by proxy – Brad is known for his spectacular tomatoes such as Brad’s Atomic Grape, Black Beauty, Dark Galaxy and Blue Gold.

Over 60 varieties of Brad’s tomato seeds can be purchased at Wild Boar Farms, and plants can be purchased seasonally at select Northern CA nurseries (see website for detail)

Brad can be found on Instagram @wildboarfarms and Facebook

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