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Flower Power Garden Hour

Jun 19, 2023

It is the June To Do List, and here in Zone 9 it seems that summer has arrived.  Hot weather is becoming the daily norm, and everything is quickly drying up from a very wet winter.  At this point in the garden a lot of the hard prep work has been done and we now begin summer maintenance mode. 


It is time to plant:

  • ·       Perennials, roses, herbs, veggies… beans, corn, cucumbers, tomatoes, watermelon, melons, okra, chard, eggplant, peppers, pumpkins, squash, watermelon, cucamelons

Chores include:

  • ·       Mulch
  • ·       Deadhead roses
  • ·       Rootstock suckers
  • ·       Look for pests
  • ·       Plant flowers


We finish up with a Listener Q&A section.  Topics covered include:

  • ·       Fertilizer for dragon fruit?
  • ·       Anything that can be done to help tomato flowers set fruit?

  • ·       Preparation for removing lawn for a water wise landscape.

  • ·       Large, very old female mulberry tree(s) are being removed by the city of Stockton.  What will the impact be on the remaining male mulberry tree?  Will it produce more pollen?  Will it still produce berries? 


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